TALOS Diamond Watches Launch 2013 Collections for Hong Kong and SE Asia with Unique Inaugural Event.Evening Event

Boutique diamond watch brand, TALOS, renowned for their exclusive, trend setting designs…and

affordable luxury appeal, has expanded its network of distributors to encompass Hong Kong,

Macau, and China.

The TALOS media event and cocktail reception were held at the well known Gallery Oi Ling on

Hollywood Road. The event was attended by supporters from the watch and jewelry retail

community as well as friends from diplomatic circles. A guest appearance from the famous child

piano prodigy, Tsung Tsung who performed several songs from his repertoire was a delightful

addition to this elegant affair. The evening was as alluring as the exquisite watches on display in a

setting surround by beautiful Chinese Antiques complementing the timeless beauty of the watches.

The Legends of Time theme, based on the watches themselves, with names taken from the myths

and legends of ancient Greece, was received with extreme enthusiasm from both the local and

foreign communities here in HK.

Catherine Youlios, CEO and founder, commented on the company’s enthusiasm for their expansion

into the Asian market.

“As a boutique brand, we cater to a clientele that appreciates quality craftsmanship and unique

design aesthetics. Our distribution in Europe and the Middle East already includes many Asian

clients who regularly inquire about availability in China and HK. We have worked towards

achieving this goal and are now extremely happy to be here in such a vibrant and exciting part of

the world.”

Each TALOS collection is overseen by Ms. Youlios and is created by a team of innovative designers.

Beauty and affordable luxury are the driving forces behind TALOS watches.

TALOS Watches, inspired by Greek mythology, is a love affair of East and West, ancient and

modern, heritage and fashion, and a celebration of luxury for our 21st century lifestyle.

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