ALL watches purchased from TALOS and authorized dealers are covered by a TALOS International Warranty for two years from the date of purchase against any material or manufacturing defect .

In order to benefit from this guarantee, you will be required to present the valid Warranty Card which must be duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by TALOS authorized dealers.

Under Guarantee, any piece that has a manufacturing or material defect confirmed by our technical services will be repaired free of charge, within the 24 months period following the purchase. After the period, you will be charged for the labour or parts involved in any repair.

This Guarantee does not cover problems or damages on the watches resulting from:

  • Accident , tampering or improper or abusive use ( crushing, hitting, knocking, etc)
  • The consequences of normal wear and tear on the watch glass, leather or rubber strap,battery, attachments and aging or breaking of crystals or diamonds.
  • Problem with the metal bracelet 24 months after the purchase date.
  • Loss of water resistance 24 months after purchase on a water resistant watch. The water resistance can only be guaranteed for a limited period of time due to the normal wear and ageing of the watch.

Recommendations for use / Caring your timepiece

Maintenance of quartz movement

Quartz movement of a watch is powered by battery which generally lasts for 3 years in average depending on model. Once the battery is fully discharged, the battery should be replaced immediately in order to prevent damage to the movement. Our advice is that you never leave a worn and expired battery inside your watch as there is risk of battery deterioration and the substances damaging the movement.

Condensation / Temperature

Please avoid to expose your watch in extreme temperatures for a prolonged period as well as areas with drastic change of temperature. When the temperature changes abruptly, slight condensation may form under the watch glass. Normally the light mist will disappear after a while and does not affect the watch operation. However, if the misting persists for days, you should have the watch checked by our official dealer / service center.

Leather Strap

Life span of leather strap depends on condition of environment and frequency of use. To protect it and to preserve it a long time use, we recommend you should avoid the strap contact with water, heavy moisture, cosmetic products and prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is normal condition for leather straps to become slightly darker over time.

Metal bracelet

To preserve the appearance of metal bracelet, we recommend you to wash regularly. Gently cleaning it with soft brush, wash it with warm water ( or slight soapy warm water). Rinse with fresh water and dry with soft cloth. If you wear the watch when you go swimming, you must do this cleaning for your watch and metal bracelet immediately after, in order to remove the salt from seawater or the chlorine chemical from the swimming pool


Avoid all direct contact with corrosive materials like acids, solvents, cosmetic/perfumes products and detergents, etc which could damage the watch case, bracelet or gasket and also likely to affect the water-resistant seals. Avoid hitting your watch or wearing the watch when playing sports that could have a violent vibration. The strong impact/vibration may result damage to the watch movement mechanism. When your watch movement carries Date function , please avoid correcting the date, month of your watch outside the time phase recommended in the instruction otherwise may cause damage to the automatic dating. Refer to the instructions for adjustment.


Should always keep your watch away from any objects which may generate strong magnetic fields and avoid exposing your watch to any existing strong magnetic fields you have known. Such exposure may cause it to run slow, excessively fast or even to stop running. However, in most cases this will not cause irreversible damage to the movement and a simple demagnetization process will return the watch to normal operation when necessary. Nonetheless, you are still strongly advised to refrain from exposure to magnetic field.

Water Resistance

To protect the movement against moisture and dust , please check that the winding or setting crown is fully pushed in against the case flank or fully locked at all time. Before swimming or submerge in water, make sure the winding or setting crown is fully pushed in against the case and locked. Do not use the winding or setting crown and push pieces when the watch is wet or the watch is immersed in water. The Warranty for the watch does not cover water or moisture damage caused by improper use of the watch.


The water-resistance of a watch protects the movement from dust, moisture when fully immersed in water. Watches which are not noted as water resistant, should not be worn whilst washing hands, dishes and direct contact with water like swimming and water sports.

The water-resistance capacity of a watch to a given depth is generally represented by ATM (atmospheric pressure) or Meters(M). Most water-resistant watches are designed to withstand for normal daily use and not suitable for prolonged and active use in water like scuba diving and highboard diving. The only watches designed to sustain these types of high pressure conditions are professional divers watches.

The water-resistance of a watch can only be guaranteed for a limited period of time due to the risk pf natural deterioration of the gaskets and normal wear and ageing of the watch.

Water resistant 3ATM / 30M

Suitable for everyday use. The watch can be exposed to spurts but cannot be subjected to water pressure – NOT suitable for swimming.

Water resistant 5ATM / 50M

Suitable for everyday use., swimming and for works with limited pressure. NOT suitable for poolside diving, water sports or snorkelling.

Water resistant 10ATM / 100M

Suitable for everyday use, swimming, water sports and snorkelling. NOT suitable for high board diving or sub-aqua diving

Water resistant 20ATM / 200M

Suitable for most high impact water sports, snorkelling, high board diving and scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas. A professional watch is recommended at these depths.
A Professional Divers watch is recommended for Scuba diving at great depths and Mixed-Gas diving / Saturation Diving.