Inaugural Exhibit of TALOS Watches at Baselworld 2015

Basel, Switzerland 20 March, 2015

Global Boutique Brand TALOS Watches exhibits at Baselworld for their first time.

TALOS Diamond Watches is a boutique fashion brand of diamond watches renowned  for their unique, trend setting, yet sophisticated designs and affordable everyday luxury.

TALOS is well known throughout the Middle East markets with exclusive distribution through DAMAS Jewellery shops in the GCC.  In 2013 TALOS expanded their network of distributors to encompass Hong Kong, Macau and China. TALOS also has a long-standing and strong private clientele in Athens, Greece as well as in London, New York and Los Angeles.

The TALOS brand of watches is inspired by Greek mythology and the classical beauty of Ancient Greece. Melding Swiss quality workmanship with fashion forward designs, TALOS reinvents the beauty that was prominent in ancient Greece. TALOS Diamond Watches capture your imagination as well as your aesthetic sensibilities.

Talos, the first mechanical being is the legend behind the TALOS brand. He was commissioned by Zeus out of love for the beautiful Europa. With wings for swift movement and forged in bronze for strength, Talos was crafted by Hephaestus, blacksmith to the Olympic gods. Tasked with protecting Europa on the Island of Crete, Talos circled the island 3 times daily to guard against invasion. This legend of love, beauty, strength and dependability is reflected in every TALOS timepiece.

TALOS Watches is part of the Mores’ global group of companies founded by Catherine Youlios more than 20 years ago. The TALOS brand is the culmination of an extensive career in fashion spanning five continents and countless collections.

Each TALOS collection is overseen by Ms. Youlios and is created by a team of innovated designers. Beauty and affordable luxury are the driving force behind TALOS watches.

TALOS is a love affair between east and west, ancient and modern, heritage and fashion and a celebration of luxury for our 21st century lifestyles.



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